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Combined Quality Policy

Combined Quality Policy

Production Sector - "MCP" Organization Performance Plastic Ltd. manufacture food plastic packaging using extrusion and thermoforming processes.

The organization's management sets its primary goal at producing company products in excellent quality while ensuring compliance with the requirements of the integrated quality system and safety & health of those staying at the organization's facilities.

The combined quality system of the organization includes product quality and safety, environment and energy management, social responsibility, safety and health at work. The system relies on the requirements of international standards ISO 9001, ISO45001, ISO14001, ISO50001, and BRCGS Packaging materials.

The Management undertakes to comply with all the applicable requirements derived from the requirements of the aforesaid standards, legislation and the requirements of stakeholders, including customer requirements.

Continuous improvement - The management undertakes to continually invest efforts in improvement and development in order to meet the requirements of stakeholders, including customer requirements, the requirements of the combined quality system and any applicable requirements according to law, to increase its sales and to meet its competition.

Customer Satisfaction - The management undertakes to maintain close contact with its customers in order to implement their requirements, and to create awareness within the organization regarding the importance of fulfilling the requirements among all the employees of the organization.

Suppliers - The quality of the purchased materials constitutes a significant part of the organization's ability to produce high quality products. Therefore, full cooperation is required to improve the quality of the purchased materials and the safety of the product.

The management undertakes to purchase raw materials and packaging materials from suppliers that meet inner-organizational criteria that are based on the requirements of the combined quality system.

Human resources - The management sees company employees as the organization's most important resource. Therefore, it takes care of their welfare, committed to their safety and health, and to providing safe and healthy working conditions. The management encourages the involvement and awareness of the employees to the risks of safety and health hazards at work and is committed to eliminating risk factors and reducing risks of safety and health.

The management strives to increase employee satisfaction, while creating an atmosphere of cooperation, promotion and nurturing of employees.

The management allows company employees to elect a representative from among them, who will represent them and consults with them, the management enables them to be involved in the planning and implementation of policies of the social responsibility, safety and health, as part of the company's combined quality system.

Compliance with all human rights - the company sees high value in complying with all human rights, enables freedom of expression, accepts and treats all company employees equally.

The company encourages as much as possible the recruitment of employees from all sectors of the company, with disabilities.

The company prohibits the employment of workers under the age of 18 and strictly prohibits forced labor.

Training - The management undertakes to offer ongoing training in order to maintain a high-awareness and commitment of the combined quality system. As part of the training, the management ensures that the requirements of this document are known to all the organization's employees, and ensures the recognition, understanding and distribution of the procedures and work instructions relevant to each employee. 

The policy is communicated and distributed through employee trainings, and is available to employees and other stakeholders through advertising posted on the organization's bulletin boards and on the website.

Management review once a year the management conducts management reviews of all the standards, including a periodic review aimed to assess the effectiveness of the product quality and safety system, the occupational safety and health, environmental management, energy management and social responsibility.

Review of the quality policy - a review of the combined quality policy is conducted as part of the management review, in order to ensure that the organization meets the goals and objectives it has set

Internal audits - the management monitors the actual implementation of procedures, work instructions and their documentation as required, within the framework of an internal audit program and ongoing review of the organization.

Quality goals - Driven from our goals on product quality and safety, ooccupational safety and health, environmental and energy management that support the company's strategic direction, measurable targets are set, including resources for implementation, and are reviewed at least once a year as part of management review.

Quality objectives - the product quality and safety goals, the occupational safety and health, the environmental management and the energy management that support the strategic direction of the organization serve to set measurable goals, including resources for implementation, and are reviewed as part of a management review once a year.

Product safety - the management undertakes to meet the requirements as defined in the following standards:

BRCGS Packaging materials -and undertakes to produce safe products that meet all legislative requirements.

Environment and Energy Management - the management undertakes to meet the requirements defined in standards ISO14001, ISO50001 and any legally applicable requirements relating to environmental aspects relevant to the organization.

The management undertakes to make continuous improvement efforts in the field of the environmental management system, and is committed to preventing environmental pollution.

Within the overall framework of green activity and environmental commitment, the management implements a policy of identifying significant energy consumers and energy efficiency, and applies the issue of calculating carbon footprint to its products and the Company.