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New Beginnings: Welcoming Yifat Gottlieb as MPP Group's VP Global Sales and Marketing

New Beginnings: Welcoming Yifat Gottlieb as MPP Group's VP Global Sales and Marketing

Yifat Gottlieb, the newly appointed VP Global Sales and Marketing at MPP Group, brings over 25 years of diverse international market experience to her role. After many roles in the textile industry, including management and business development, Yifat transitioned into the plastics sector nine years ago. This transition was facilitated by her extensive experience in product and sales within the international market.

Transition to MPP Group

Reflecting on her transition to MPP Group, Yifat emphasized the warm and embracing atmosphere she found within the company. She mentioned, "I found a new and warm family. I was well received and met open hearted people that are willing to help and support the success of everyone in all the companies." This inclusive and collaborative ethos is fundamental to the success of the group.

One of Yifat's primary goals is to integrate all companies within the MPP Group into the international market effectively. She envisions creating robust marketing and commercial platforms to enhance the group's global reach. A crucial aspect of this initiative is effectively communicating MPP Group's commitment to sustainability and staying agile in responding to industry trends and demands.

Challenges in Light of the Global Recession

Discussing the impact of the global recession, Yifat acknowledged the slowdown in the industry but highlighted the group's financial stability and adaptability. She said, "On the one hand, the slowdown in the industry is felt, but due to decentralization and the variety of customers and markets, financial stability has been created which serves us in more challenging times." This financial stability provides a solid base, allowing the group to navigate changing consumption patterns, evolving regulations, and a heightened focus on sustainability.

Sustainability at Heart

Yifat highlighted the pivotal role sustainability plays in the contemporary packaging landscape, stating, “Sustainability isn't just a trend; it's a transformation. At MPP Group, we are deeply committed to sustainable practices, aligning our initiatives with global goals. Our recycling projects are a testament to this dedication. We're actively involved in projects that recycle materials, including polypropylene and polystyrene, giving them a second life. Moreover, one of the companies in the group, MCP, has pioneered the RePET line, a significant leap towards sustainable packaging. This innovative line, comprising up to 70% CPET, which stands out as the sole polymer granted food contact approval after undergoing a mechanical recycling process. It's a stride towards a more sustainable future, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this movement.”

Goals for the Future

Looking forward to 2024, Yifat extended her best wishes to the team, expressing hope for a successful year and the ability to overcome challenges. As MPP Group aims for further acquisitions and expansion, Yifat's strategic vision and emphasis on sustainability will play a pivotal role in propelling the group towards continued growth and success.


Post: Introducing Yifat Gottlieb, Our New VP Global Sales and Marketing!

Join us in welcoming Yifat Gottlieb to the MPP Group family! With over 25 years of international market experience, Yifat brings a wealth of expertise in retail, private label, and business development. Her transition into the plastics industry nine years ago was seamless, driven by a strong product and sales background.

As VP Global Sales and Marketing, Yifat is committed to integrating our companies into the global market, amplifying sustainability messages, and swiftly adapting to industry trends. Here's to an exciting journey of growth and collaboration under Yifat's leadership!