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Sustainability Meets Freshness: MCP's Meat Packaging Innovations

Sustainability Meets Freshness: MCP's Meat Packaging Innovations

In an era where sustainability and freshness are paramount, MCP has redefined the game with their innovative Mono-PP trays, tailored for Vacuum Skin Packaging (VSP) and other packaging methods. These trays offer not only optimal meat preservation but also a fresh approach to sustainability, replacing traditional foamed Polystyrene with a recyclable, environmentally friendly alternative.

Optimal Presentation

MCP's Mono-PP trays are more than just packaging; they're a gateway to excellence in meat preservation. Vacuum Skin Packaging, for example, ensures that your meat stays fresh, protected, and perfectly presented. With a broad temperature range of 0°C to +125°C, these trays provide the ideal blend of convenience and versatility.

Locking in Freshness and promoting sustainability

Special tunnels that channel meat juices away from the meat's surface is a must when it comes to fresh meat packaging. This design ensures that the fresh, succulent appearance of the meat is preserved, enhancing not just the shelf life but also the visual appeal of your products.

The trays have a high barrier against oxygen and moisture, preventing food spoilage, change of color and prolonging shelf life. Additionally, the trays' mono-PP composition ensures they are not only fully recyclable but also a sustainable choice, supporting eco-conscious practices while delivering exceptional performance.

Beyond Meat: MCP's RePET Trays

While MCP's Mono-PP trays are the ideal choice for fresh meat, the innovation doesn't stop there. MCP also offers a range of RePET trays, specially designed for a variety of packaging solutions. The rCPET trays contain up to 70% recycled CPET, sourced from PCR materials.

MCP's Mono-PP and RePET trays are not just packaging solutions; they are the gateway to a fresher, more sustainable future for the meat industry. Elevate your products, reduce waste, and embrace the path to a greener tomorrow with MCP's innovative trays.