C-PET On-Tray ®
Dual ovenable and microwaveable . C-PET On-Tray withstands temperatures from -40°C to +220°C, making it an excellent choice for use in freezers, microwaves, conventional and institutional ovens (not suitable for use in toaster ovens or broilers).
The C-PET barrier can extend shelf-life when used together with specific preconditions.

A-PET On-Tray ®
For cold and ambient temperature food products. Excellent barrier for MAP system. On-Tray is offered in clear A-PET. Temperature range -40°C to +65°C .

PP On-Tray ®
Microwaveable PP trays are the perfect solution for use in microwaves. Temperature range 0°C to +125°C. For special orders, products can reach deep-freeze and/or high barrier . Microwave only.